2014-15 BCBOA Assignors

BCIAA Assignor
Bill Nigrini
78 Flint Ridge Drive
Shillington, PA 19607-3007
Email Address Wpnigrini@msn.com
Phone Number 610‐775‐4873 (Home and Fax)
BCIAA & Leagues Northern Tier High School Summer League

This list of known Recreational Basketball Assignors is published for officials for informational purposes only. The BCBOA endorses no Recreational assignors listed below but will attempt to keep this listupdated periodically. 07/31/2014

Assigning Banner: IAABO Board #67
Kevin Line
Email Address Kevline24@aol.com
Phone Number 610-780-0880
Leagues CYO, Boys & Girls Youth, West Reading Summer, Albright Summer Camps

Assigning Banner: Referee Club
Al Lopez
Email Address Alfonso.lopez@olivetbgc.org
Phone Numbers (C) 610‐463‐5812 or (W) 610-376-7229 x204
Leagues Body Zone; AAU leagues

Chip Fugate
Email Address chipfugate@gmail.com
Phone Number 610‐587‐2219
Leagues Alvernia Summer Camps

Kirk Singleton
Email Address jsinglek1@aol.com
Phone Number 610-823-9778
Leagues Richardson Summer League; 3rd & Spruce Rec Commission League