Welcome Fellow Basketball Officials

BCBOA Banquet will be on April 15 at the Inn at Reading. Please note the time change.

Happy Hour - 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Dinner - 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Program - 6:30 PM to Completion

Mike's Presentations - Here are the powerpoints Mike has been going over at our past couple of meetings.

- Overtime and Fighting

- Throw-ins

- Unusual Foul Situations

- 2017-18 Mandatory Presentation


BCIAA Conflict of Interest - Click here.

Refresher - I know its a few months away but before you know it we will be back on the court doing what we all love to do. Here is a little refresher quiz to get you back in the basketball state of mind.

PIAA Clearances Info - If you haven't done your clearance in the past 5 years. Click here for the info from PIAA. Here are the instructions to upload your clearances to the PIAA.

New Officials Info - Here is the BCIAA By-Laws. Please reference the following pages:

- Junior High Basketball Rules on pg.27
- Junior High General Information on pg. 43
- Conflict of Interest on pg. 56

Chapter Meetings - Please remember that the PIAA requires all registered officials to attend six chapter meeting per season in addition to a mandatory rules interpretation meeting. Contact Gerald Trate to get a list of meeting times, dates and locations for other chapters. Just a reminder you can only get 3 meeting credits before the 1st play date in the BCIAA which will count against the 6 meetings one needs for the PIAA.

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Reminder - In order to receive an initial schedule for 2018-2019 season you must timely input at least 60% of this season ratings into Arbiter. This 60% requirement was in effect for the last three seasons. 

Suggestions - Anything that will better the chapter by adding to the website please contact WebMaster(Justin Work)